Saturday, March 26, 2011

An update, Holy Cow!

It's time I update this blog or take it down. Don't you think? Since the last post, the three of us have moved to Clovis, NM, and back to Florida. Sort of. Oh, and now there are four of us. Well that's good for now. At least I know the password to get here now. Number four is crying, gotta go!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Disney World July 2009

It's the middle of December and I'm finally posting pictures from our trip to Disney World in July. We moved from FL to NM in August and have been out of town for work a lot, so I'm a little behind to say the least.
The trip to Disney World was wonderful of course. Epcot was our favorite part and we're planning to go back in about 4 years now that we know what works for us and what doesn't. Elizabeth loved the Nemo attractions, It's a Small World, Dumbo, and playing by/in the pool. She did her first water slide at the resort and loved it!
The hat is still a little big on her.

"Who do you think you are lady?"

The family with Mickey Mouse! We also met a few others that day.

This is the moment Elizabeth decided she liked sketti.

Waiting for the bus after a long morning at Epcot.

Right outside our building at Saratoga Springs was a great place to play.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Going to Grandma's for a long time

Sorry this has not been update in a long time. We had TDYs and a trip to Disney World in July, and a move in August. We bought a house in New Mexico, haven't even settled in yet and are TDY again. Elizabeth gets to go TDY to Grandma and Grandpa Savage's and hang out with her cousins.

These are a few pictures Mike took with his phone when he took Elizabeth to Chicago. I'll post better pictures and some Disney pictures when I get a chance.

TDY - Temporary Duty Yonder (business trip)

At the airport in Lubbock, TX

Dancing with Pablo

Sam's run with Grandma and Grandpa

Is this how Grandma wanted her kitchen, I mean living room?

Lunch time with Angela (brown hair) and Gianna

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Elizabeth goes to Grandma's Part I

While I'm TDY to Wright-Patterson, Elizabeth is with her Grandma and Grandpa. The first thing we had to do was test out the new Children's fountain at the park.

There are some great toys in the backyard

Up the slide

Testing out the new fountain

Sunday, June 28, 2009

To the beach!

Or just the backyard. I have been so busy lately with work, Elizabeth, and Mike getting home that I haven't posted in a while. I also took on starting a cloth diaper store, just in case I ran out of things to do. (Shameless plug:

Elizabeth is growing faster than I could have ever imagined. She is trying so hard to talk and I can tell she understands what we are telling her. She is good enough at the sign language that she has made up a few of her own signs. There is one that I've yet to decode. Along with the signs she is saying the words, or at least trying to to!

Snacks by the pool

Snacks by the sound

Swimming in the sound

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A rainy day

Nothing too exciting going on here. That's why I haven't posted in a while. We're just keeping busy with work and everyday things.
Elizabeth is growing way to fast in some areas and not fast enough in others. She wants to touch and see everything. She is very hard to keep up with and keep out of trouble. The sign language efforts are paying off. Elizabeth can tell me when she wants more, is ready to eat/drink, take a bath, when she's all done and when she's tired. There may be a few others that she's good at I don't remember right now. There have also been some attempts at talking. A sound close to "done" or "all done" has started to accompany the "all done" sign. After dinner last night she gave the time to eat sign and asked for "nananna" then proceeded to eat the whole thing.

Elizabeth, the neighbor ladies and I got to enjoy a day in the backyard a few weekends ago. She loved playing in the sound. Especially when some waves came by to bump her around.

We got to go test out Emma's new splash pad. In this picture Elizabeth is tasting the water just like she did the day before in the saltwater of the sound in our backyard.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Last week I was TDY for the start of a leadership development course. I don't have too many pictures of the actual course, because who really wants to see pictures of generals and colonels giving briefings. But trust me the schedule was jam packed. We rushed everywhere. Some of the pictures I took were just so that I could look at them later and see where I was that day. It was a great experience, I learned a ton, saw some great things, ate a lot of Hawaiian beef, and met some wonderful people.

Sorry, no pictures of Elizabeth in this post. She was with Grandma. And it might be a while before we get some good ones to post, my camera broke on the trip. :(

C-17 Ride out of Atlanta

Diamond Head, which we hiked up on the last day for PT
Someone walking in front of me got a glimpse of this. All I had time to was snap a few photos and keep on walking.
All the pictures below we taken with the iPhone, the real camera broke the first morning there. I was grumpy about it but there wasn't much I could do.

The USS Missouri from the boat to the USS Arizona
USS Arizona Memorial

The is the spot on the USS Missouri where Japan surrendered. I took a picture because I did not have time to stop and look at it while I was there. But if you ever go, ask for Doc to be your tour guide, he was great!

The flag that few over Hickam on 7 December 1941
I have conquered Diamond Head
(It wasn't hard)

We had some free time on the last day so we went snorkeling in this bay for about an hour.